Unique Staircases by Art Metal Engineering

Art Metal Engineering are bespoke staircase contractors producing attractive designer staircases. We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of entire staircases plus bespoke modern staircase banisters, balustrades and handrails. Our individual staircases are designed in consultation with owners, builders, architects and local authorities to ensure high quality results.

Each unique staircase is hand-made by skilled engineers at our South Lincolnshire workshop. We can also incorporate stylish glass panels and quality wooden components into our bespoke metal staircases. We mainly supply Lincolnshire staircases & Cambridgeshire staircases, however our installers can also provide staircase installation throughout the UK (for new build properties or retrofit to existing properties).

We don’t just supply Straight Staircases! Art Metal Engineering can design, manufacture and install various practical staircase configurations:

  • Helical Curved staircases
  • L-shaped staircases
  • U-shaped half-turn staircases
  • Spiral staircases
  • Split staircases
  • Single Spine staircases
  • Floating Cantilever staircases
  • Space-saving staircases

Our expert staff are happy to provide experienced advice and innovative recommendations.

Bespoke Metal Staircase Balustrades & Banisters

As an alternative to replacing an entire staircase, we can transform your existing stairs with a designer make-over. Art Metal Engineering supply and install bespoke metal staircase banisters, balustrades and handrails as shown above. These stylish metal components are hand-crafted, with a choice of aluminium, stainless steel or coloured finish.

By replacing traditional wooden handrails and spindle balusters with metal designs, stunning results can be achieved with existing stairs in any property. Customised designs range from ultra-modern curved lines, through to grand traditional banisters and balustrades with intricate metalwork.

Transform Your Existing Staircase

Staircase Designs

Art Metal Engineering visit customers for a consultation and survey to determine appropriate staircase designs prior to a no-obligation quotation.

Do you already have architect staircase plans or CAD staircase plans designed that require build & installation? Our engineers can bring your plans to life by manufacturing staircases from AutoCAD plans.

Looking for inspiration? See our Staircase Gallery:

Would you like to know the cost of a bespoke staircase installation? Please contact us to obtain a bespoke staircase quotation.